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Corporate identity
Since 1992 import and promotion of lubricants for vehicles, industry and automotive items. The main concern is the research, development, creation and promotion of advanced technology lubricants and…

Historical Background
opsis SA started its activity in 1992 in the field of Wholesale Trade of Lubricating Mineral Oils and Filters, and then continued its commercial activity in the sector of…


The TOP SYSTEM group is looking for new reliable and high quality products and is constantly following the developments in the lubricants created by the production plants. He always tries with the…


Vision & Goal
Top System’s goal has always been to maintain a leading role in meeting the needs of its customers in a friendly way, both for the partner and for the environment. The main concern of the group is…


In total, today the group has privately owned facilities of 12,840sqm with building infrastructure reaching 5400sqm. All the above storage spaces have, immediately, a variety of products, for all types of vehicles… Read More

Social responsibility
Corporate social responsibility for our company is a key parameter of both our business and our management model. Every moment we try to…


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TOPSIS Societe Anonyme2ohlm Giannitsa-Thessaloniki


Athens Branch

TOPSIS N. - TOPSIS V. EPEAg. Triados & Lambrou Porphyra 1, Attiki


Skopje Branch

TOPSΥSTEM DOOPat ja Batinci 12 Skopje

Quality assurance


SO 9001:2015

All the products that the companies distribute meet the necessary conditions of legality. They are registered in the General Chemistry of the State, in the Directorate of Environment, they are obligatorily accompanied with all the necessary certificates

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In our company we have developed an extremely remarkable network of partners. Today all our resellers enjoy a number of huge advantages and benefits which directly help to increase competitiveness. If and if you wish, our company can visit you and include you in the most organized network of resellers.