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Constantly aiming at increasing the quality of our services but also trying to ensure that we meet as much as possible the needs of each of you individually, we are interested in always having a direct and constant communication with you. Your opinion is extremely important to us. Questions, ideas, problems or criticism, we are always willing to respond immediately to any issue.

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Group Corporate Tax Data

Headquarters: TOPSIS Societe Anonyme - Lubricants Trading
GEMI number: 024388447000 TIN: 082989037, Giannitsa Tax Office
2km Giannitson-Thessaloniki PC58100 Tel .: +30.23820.299.26

Attica Branch: TOPSIS N. - TOPSIS B. Limited Liability Company
GEMI number: 116421001000 VAT number: 800329170 Tax Office of Acharnes
Ag. Triados & Lambrou Porphyra 1 Acharnai, Attiki PC13672 Tel .: +

Branch Skopje: TOPSΥSTEM DOO
Pat ja Batinci 12 Skopje ΤΚ 1000 Τηλ: +00389 23215 558, 23215 549