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Topsystem Adblue

The Topsystem group of companies, always a pioneer in the technological developments of vehicles in terms of environmental protection, has invested in the last five years in two state-of-the-art tanks of exclusive Ad blue distribution. They are equipped with the latest AdBlue metering control systems as well as electronic metering which is always accompanied by a sample in a sealed bottle for better quality assurance.

The 2 AdBlue tankers have an approved full mileage metering system and accurately deliver the required liters. A delivery receipt is issued and then an invoice from the company. In this way we keep the integrity of our transactions at safe, quantitative and qualitative levels and provide you with a complete AdBlue delivery process in accordance with all European standards. Always having as our main concern the protection of the environment, the service of our customers and the support of the technological development, we have invested in the last four years over 400000 euros only for the distribution of the AdBlue product. The Topsystem group is ready to support you with the immediate supply of AdBlue in large quantities and the filling of tanks in your area.

What is AD BLUE:

AdBlue is a colorless liquid used in the car ignition system (SCR) to reduce harmful emissions from the diesel engine. Euro 4 emission standards were introduced in Europe in 2005. This legislation requires a reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions from the current level of 5.0 to 3.5 g / k Wh. The Euro 5 standards activated in 2008 have reduced the permissible level even further to 2.0 g / k Wh. In order to meet the new standards, the major European vehicle manufacturers have agreed on the new SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology (SCR). Thus was born Adblue - a high purity urea solution - as a reducing agent. SCR technology is already used in the new Euro 6 generation of heavy and passenger vehicles.

How does SCR work?

With the SCR method, the high NOX emissions produced by the optimum combustion efficiency of the engine are treated with a catalytic converter. This process requires the addition of AdBlue. A precisely defined volume of AdBlue is sprayed from the nozzle into the exhaust stream, where it is first hydrolyzed and then forced the nitrogen oxides (NOX) to nitrogen (N) and water (H2O) in the catalytic converter. AdBlue is the ideal way to harness the potential of SCR technology and ensure compliance with EU emissions standards.

What we need to know about AdBlue:

1. AdBlue is a non-toxic urea solution, which acts as a reducing agent of exhaust gases in SCR technology, for vehicles that use diesel.

2. AdBlue is environmentally friendly and classified as a solution in the lowest class of water pollution (Germany).

3. From a chemical point of view, AdBlue is a 32.5% high purity urea solution and its stable quality is ensured by DIN 70070.

4. AdBlue consists mainly of water (approximately 67.5% water and 32.5% urea). Specially designed for use in the car ignition system (SCR system).

5. AdBlue has its own in-car tank and is filled through a separate filling tube located behind the fuel filler flap. The AdBlue level appears in the wizard screen and notifies you when needed

6. The consistent quality of AdBlue is only ensured if the solution is produced outside the urea production process, and then stored and distributed according to CEFIC instructions.

Benefits - How you can benefit from AdBlue.

1.Fuel economy up to 6%.

2. Optimized combustion in the engine and increase engine efficiency. 

3.Protection of humans from toxic substances produced by the combustion of engine oil.

4. Greater protection of the environment, the oxygen we breathe and people, especially children and the elderly. :

Check and fill in AdBlue

Check the AdBlue level regularly and top up liquid if the AdBlue low level message appears on the driver screen. The exhaust control system constantly monitors AdBlue level, quality and dosage. If there is a problem, a message appears on the driver screen. The workshop can top up AdBlue when servicing the car, however you can top it up if needed. Depending on the driving style, the outside temperature and the operating temperature of the system, filling must also be done several times between services.The AdBlue is filled through a separate tube located behind the fuel filler flap or in front of the engine compartment under the hood. Open the blue plug of the smallest filling tube intended for AdBlue. Fill in AdBlue. Do not overfill the tank.

What to look out for:

If the AdBlue container is completely empty, it will no longer be possible to start the car for some models. In order for the car to be restarted, you must fill the container with AdBlue of a certain quality, in the minimum quantity indicated on the driver's screen. It is recommended not to leave the container completely empty and to refill it in time. AdBlue should be stored in its original container, which is tightly closed, between -11 ° C and 30 ° C. The liquid should not be stored in a place exposed to direct sunlight. When temperatures are low, keep in mind that the liquid freezes at -11 ° C.


VDA has assigned Topsystem Services through its partners in southern Europe and Greece to distribute AdBlue under the distinctive title WegBlue. Topsystem ensures the supply of the new additive throughout Greece with the two state-of-the-art 25,000 liter tanks, equipped with the most modern measuring and delivery systems of AdBlue in the store in large quantities. Topsystem AdBlue is also supplied in smaller packages of 1000 liters 20L, 10L and 5L.